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This Briefcase is all business and barbeque

Briefcase BBQ

If you want to make sure you approach every aspect of your life professionally, then no small detail should escape your scrutiny. You shoes should match your pocket square, your suit should look like it was tailored by your fairy godmother, and your watch should speak volumes about how you carry yourself. Of course, that’s all quite a bit of malarkey, but the sleek, compact, efficient style of a professional is always convenient and aesthetically pleasing.

While this is quite likely to be more of a novel purchase than anything, the Briefcase Barbeque could make for a simple setup whilst camping. This is far more compact than round barbeque grills that have lids which never want to stay on. This does have a rather sleek and slim appearance to it, and can fold out at a moment’s notice. Simply undo the clip and the case will stand on its own thanks to its rubberized legs. On the inside there is a removable ash basket that will sit underneath a cooking grate.

When you’re all finished, you can clasp it shut and carry it by the handle. This won’t necessarily help you in any capacity professionally as it has no place in the business world, but it will make cleanup and travel easier after cooking out in the wilds. This will cost you $79.95, which sounds about right for a neat portable grill.

Available for purchase on Hammacher