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Brick Yourself by entering the world of Lego

brick-yourselfIf you have been scratching your head wondering what you would like to get for your girlfriend or wife during her upcoming birthday (or any other special occasion for that matter), perhaps it might be best to look away from jewelry shops and the like. How about taking the road less traveled? I am referring to a more personalized gift, such as the £29.99 Brick Yourself. All that you need to do is to provide some background information such as facts, likes, hobbies and typical outfit suggestions, and then a miniature toy version of that description will be worked on.

Not only that, the Brick Yourself idea will arrive framed with an accompanying quote of your choice. It will do away with that overly complicated human body for a simple yellow one, and everyone will look the same in terms of the body shape and size, so anyone who is way too gangly thin or obese might want to give this a miss. As for the text underneath, you can add up to two lines of text with 30 characters on each. Needless to say, you will be able to take it out and play with it when you want to with other Lego bits and pieces.

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