Brick Brites light up your desk

Everyone loves LEGO, I haven’t seen someone who hates these creative blocks that allows you to explore your constructive side. Well, ThinkGeek has something different for everyone this time around, thanks to the $9.99 Brick Brites that will actually light up like a disco ball, except for the fact that these will not come in a round shape, but rather, a rectangular block that we have all come to know and love – especially those that hail from Denmark.
The Brick Brites basically come with integrated, shiny LEDs which will be compatible with the current set of construction bricks that you are already using. All you need to do now to put the finishing touch to your new sculpture would be to pick a favorite color, build your Brick Brite into your creation, and then tap it – so that the LED light will begin to flash. Each Brick Brite is said to last for up to 100 hours of flashing.