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Breathometer Mint gives you a heads up on your oral health

mintGoing to the dentist is not something that all of us love to do, but it is definitely an essential part of our health regiment. After all, having good oral hygiene would translate to a better life. If you feel that you want to do your bit to ensure that your pearly whites are still there, strongly rooted into the gums in your golden years, then surely you are on the lookout to have technology make sure your oral hygiene is in tip top condition! Breathometer has not released a breathalyzer, but rather, the Mint sensor which is touted to be a smart way to monitor one’s oral health.

 The Mint sensor comes across as a digital health device which will allow consumers to keep track of and monitor their oral health. This particular device will work alongside a smartphone companion app. As for the smartphone companion app, it will do more than you expect as it takes down a measurement of VSCs (Volatile Sulfur Compounds) in your mouth before letting its complex algorithm crunch the numbers and arrive at a conclusion. VSCs happen to be produced by anaerobic bacteria in the mouth, and such bacteria tend to be correlated with poor oral hygiene and oral health, including gum disease and bad breath. Breathometer figured out that the Mint is critically important to allow one to manage oral health.

As mentioned earlier, the pocket-sized Mint device will pair with a user’s smartphone. The integrated proprietary sensor array then keeps track of the VSC reading, before churning out an “oral report card” via the Mint app. Sorry Windows Phone users, the Mint app is good only for iOS and Android platforms. Apart from the oral report card, you will also end up with personalized tips as the app keeps track of your oral health progress.

Would you be willing to invest $99.99 for the Breathometer Mint?

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