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The Breakfast Maker gives you food in a flash

Breakfast Maker

If you don’t eat something before you head out in the mornings, you’re not doing yourself any favors. You’ll try to remedy the tiredness you feel later on in the day with coffee, which is not food, and it will not make your body like you any better. While the obvious solution is to eat something before dashing out, the hard part is making it, especially if you have a family that all want their food to be different.

Eggs and toast are a perfect breakfast staple, but if you have to make it for 3 people that don’t all want soft boiled eggs, you’re looking at quite a mess of dishes. This Breakfast Maker might lessen some of the morning burden you have to deal with, as it can make up to 6 boiled eggs at a time while also toasting some bread. There’s your normal browning settings for toast up to a 7, but the beauty is in the options of how to make your eggs.

While making 6 eggs at once is helpful, there’s also options to make 3 poached eggs at a time, or a square fried egg that will fit perfectly on toast. How much water you add to the steamer will determine how done the eggs are, and there’s an included cup to let you know how much to add for what result. The non-stick pan is easy to clean, and there’s a crumb tray to make sure you don’t have bread bits burning to death. This is a $86 purchase that is sure to make the morning go just a bit more smoothly.

Available for purchase on red5