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“Take a Break” Says Your Computer


Face it, we work too much. We stare at our computer screens and get completely sucked in. It is easy to do.  You know you have done it. You are working away at your computer and looked up only to realize that 3, 4, 5 or more hours have passed. Experts say that our attention spans are not built for it. So if we can’t remind ourselves to take a sanity break every so often who will? This may be a zen gadget, but it is definitely something we can all use!
 Welcome to Stillness Buddy a very techno-zen approach to work. Stillness Buddy is software downloaded to your computer. Two types of time based breaks then appear on your screen as you work. Every 30 minutes a “moment of stillness” pops up, lasting 30 seconds. Every 1 hour and 20 minutes a mindful pause appears, reminding you to take a two minute break. Customize the Stillness Buddy to meet your needs if they vary from the standards set. Understand, the breaks are not a free-for-all. Based on your version you will receive messages, mental and physical exercises or meditation ideas. Fourteen different versions of the Stillness Buddy exist. So choose from topics like Relax or Stretching or choose from inspirational thoughts from gurus like Dalai Lama and Jack Kornfield. There is even a gift version so recipients can choose their own buddy. Each version of Stillness Buddy is just £9.95 (about $17.50; over 40 currencies available). A 30-day free trial is also available.
Why bother with breaks? There are plenty of reasons biggest is that we perform better when giving our minds a moment of rest. And with a reliable Stillness Buddy to remind you there are no more reasons to run yourself into the ground. ]]>