BRAVEN Vibe unveiled as first portable distributed audio Bluetooth and Wi-Fi audio system in the world


Now here is something interesting from the folks over at BRAVEN – they have unveiled the Vibe, which so happens to be the first portable distributed audio Bluetooth as well as Wi-Fi audio system around the globe. The main objective of the BRAVEN Vibe would be to revolutionize multi-room audio through the empowering of users to share music across multiple devices virtually anywhere, from any wireless device, without missing a beat. Kiss goodbye to messy cables that seem to get all tangled up with one another as though they have a life of their own.

The BRAVEN Vibe System would be able to open the floodgates to single streaming and sharing solutions across iOS, Android, and Windows devices, where it is also capable of supporting multiple audio streams simultaneously. Apart from that, the BRAVEN Vibe System will create a wireless sound network, so that users will be able to establish speaker zones for customized audio streaming regardless of where they are in the immediate vicinity.

This is touted to be the first system in the world that makes use of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity via an app. This app enables users to establish speaker groups under the same network, resulting in a customized audio listening experience such as classical music in the bedroom and kitchen, while those in the living room can chill out to some rock, and the dining room folks will be able to eat in peace with jazz playing in the background.

As long as you have a compatible Bluetooth-enabled device, it will be able to play nice with the BRAVEN Vibe System, all without the need for a wireless network or streaming service. The Vibe System comprises of a Vibe Station, an all-in-one hub/speaker, Vibe Replay which are additional speakers that expands the Vibe system, while functioning as portable Bluetooth speakers, and Vibe Link that lets you integrate existing speakers while distributing audio to additional wireless speakers.