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Braven Premium Home series introduced

braven-premium-homeFor those who have always wanted to enjoy more out of their music, then getting a decent speaker system would be the right way to go. However, high end speaker systems tend to cost a bomb, and some might run into the price point of a vehicle itself. What about us mere mortals who would not settle for the ditties that are played back by your notebook’s speaker, and yet do not want to break the bank for a high end, premium speaker? Braven might have the answer in the form of their Premium Home series, where it boasts of a trio of advanced wireless speakers, namely the 1100, 2200m and 2300.

Regardless of which model you pick, all of them will come with unparalleled room filling audio that is accompanied by refined design that will complement your home décor, merging both style and sound in a single device. The 2200m and 2300 speakers even come with built-in mounting option and are Bluetooth Smart enabled.

The Braven 1100 will arrive encased in premium fabric, and is the most compact of the lot, which makes it extremely portable. Despite its sleek design, this does not mean that it is not a performer — it sports Dual Passive Radiators and an extended range driver which can generate rich bass, perfecting notes of the highest high and lowest low. Sporting an impressive 28-hour playtime, it also doubles up as an 8800mAh power bank. You can pick up the Braven 1100 for $249.99 in Graphite and White shades.

As for the Braven 2200m, this is one of the stable’s most advanced speakers to date. Bluetooth Smart Control, a robust low frequency response, mounting hardware, TrueWireless technology that lets you pair multiple 2200m speakers together, ensure a first-class sound experience in a premium, wireless speaker form factor. You can pick it up for $299.99 in Graphite and White colors.

Last but not least, the Braven 2300 would be the most powerful of the lot, sporting Braven’s very own Bass Optimization technology, Bluetooth Smart technology, and TrueWireless technology, where it sports an asking price of $349.99 a pop.

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