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Braven LUX speaker is a limited edition design

braven-luxWhen it comes to rolling out speakers from time to time, the name Braven does pop up – rather frequently in our books, too, I might add. Braven has had its fair share of portable speakers in recent times, where those models tend to deliver wireless audio transmission via Bluetooth in order to offer a unique way of enjoying your music sans cables or pesky wires that tend to get tangled up most of the time. Well, if you would like to stand out from the rest of the crowd, perhaps checking out the limited edition Braven LUX might be a good idea.

This limited edition speaker is an elegant device that does not only aim to impress when it comes to audio performance, but also to make a fashion statement. Being the most recent addition to the Braven Design Series, the Braven LUX limited edition speaker would redefine the look of a Bluetooth speaker by offering an intricately detailed grill in a trio of shimmering colors.

You can tell right from the get go that fashionistas who tend to be on the move would definitely not mind having one of these puppies around, and from the three metallic colors in which one is able to choose from; namely pearl, gold and iridescent purple, they will effortlessly complement d├ęcor and personal style. Being compact in nature, lightweight and striking in style, the Braven LUX limited edition bridges the gap between fashion accessories and electronics, which would make it the ideal speaker for anywhere travel, as well as at-home listening on a bathroom counter, bedroom nightstand, or poolside lounging to enjoy your favorite tunes.

The Braven LUX limited edition speaker will be able to hook up with any Bluetooth-enabled device, where it can also pair up with another LUX or BRAVEN 7-Series speaker so that it offers left and right audio, as well as having a built-in noise-canceling speakerphone and microphone in order for you to handle calls anytime. The asking price for this water resistant speaker? $99 a pop if you are interested.

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