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Braven Fuse Bluetooth portable audio mixer adds life to any party

braven-fuseHosting a party is not exactly easy – there are so many things to keep track of, ranging from the number of guests arriving, how to handle gatecrashers, to make sure that there is enough food and drinks to go around, and of course, to usher in the right ambiance. After all, having the right kind of setting is crucial in making the mood perfect for the theme. Music is often one of the core ingredients of any successful party bash, and hence, the Braven Fuse Bluetooth portable audio mixer might be worth checking out since it has the ability to transform any gathering into a party by mixing and fading multiple audio streams for mashup sessions on-the-go.

Specially designed for hours of non-stop fun without the need to tote around bulky equipment as well as deal with complicated software, the Braven Fuse would enable you as well as a friend to easily pair smartphones and “remix” your favorite songs together. After all, the Braven Fuse encourages expression and creativity as users are encouraged to create custom tracks and splice songs, regardless of their location.

I suppose in one way or another, you can tout this to be the ultimate wireless handheld DJ accessory, Fuse will link up to a pair of audio sources including smartphones and two speakers via Bluetooth. To place a personal spin to any track, Fuse boasts of an array of onboard controls, where among them include individual source volume; low, mid, and high tuners for each audio source; source level equalizer, headphone out switch to listen between audio sources, and a cross fader for music mash-up.

Light and compact in nature, the Braven Fuse measures under 5” in length, where the 1,200 mAh internal rechargeable battery can last for up to 7 hours of continuous music mixing. The Fuse can be hard-wired for non-Bluetooth speakers or audio sources thanks to multiple line-in and line-out jacks, and the accompanying carry pouch makes for easy storing. Expect the Braven Fuse to retail for $99.99 a pop.

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