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Braven delivers co-branded range of portable Bluetooth speakers

BurtonSpeakersWhen it comes to portable speakers, there is one particular name that would definitely ring a bell with most folks – and that name is unmistakably Braven. Touted to be the leader when it comes to outdoor speaker technology, Braven has recently announced an exclusive partnership with Burton Snowboards, which happens to be the world’s leading snowboard company. When the best in their respective fields work together, you can but be assured that the end result too, would be the very best. Hence, here we are with a new range of co-branded, portable Bluetooth speakers that deliver superb audio – namely the Braven BRV-1 and the BRV-X ultra-rugged, waterproof speakers.

These speakers have been celebrated for their superior ruggedness, plethora of features and outstanding sound quality, where the compact BRV-1 and battle-ready BRV-X are more than capable of holding their own even in the midst of the harshest elements. They are perfect for riders as well as anyone who have a great love for the outdoors, and both wireless Bluetooth speakers do happen to enjoy an IPX7 certified waterproof rating and can transform into a battery bank to come with the ability to juice up USB devices, functioning as a portable power bank of sorts.

The Braven BRV-1 sports a lightweight and compact design which will be able to fit into the palm of your hand, as it delivers the sound quality that you want with the features you need. Heck, it will even come with an integrated microphone that would pave the way for hands-free calls, just in case you are occupied with another task at hand. As for the Braven BRV-X itself, this ultra-rugged speaker would be able to rock the outdoors with clear, powerful audio and an exterior casing that’s as tough as it gets. The Burton x Braven BRV-1 and BRV-X speakers will retail within the price range of $80 to $250 if you are interested.

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