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Braven BRV-HD ultra rugged HD wireless speaker

braven-brv-hdWhen it comes to the world of wireless speakers, there are just so many different models to choose from, so much so that it can be rather confusing as to which particular model you ought to pick up. Well, there are some of us who are fine with regular wireless speakers, while others, who have a penchant for the adventurous, might find it to be a whole lot more convenient if they were to bring home a wireless speaker that has a rugged slant to it. Braven is one such name that has been associated with wireless speakers for the longest time now, and the company has just introduced the Braven BRV-HD ultra rugged HD wireless speaker – the latest member in an ever growing line.

Apart from that, the Braven BRV-HD ultra rugged HD wireless speaker is also the biggest and baddest speaker in the BRV ultra-rugged wireless speaker family so far, where it boasts of high-definition audio packed into a shock-absorbing, water-resistant body, while there is also the presence of an aircraft-grade aluminum grill. It has the rather impressive ability to deliver up to 28 hours of uninterrupted play time, making it the ideal companion for the likes of backyard parties, barbeques, and tailgates throughout the entire weekend.

The Braven BRV-HD ultra rugged HD wireless speaker will let you fill up your surroundings with powerful sound, and at the same time, it is also able to let you juice up your smartphones or tablets thanks to the powerful 8,800mAh Lithium-ion internal battery, turning it into an impromptu but effective portable charger. In order to end up with an even more outstanding listening experience, there is the TrueWireless feature, a technology which will wirelessly connect to a second Braven speaker in order to produce rich left and right stereo sound at a range of up to 30 feet.

Expect the Braven BRV-HD ultra rugged HD wireless speaker to retail for $299.99 a pop.

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