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Braven Bridge is a traveling conference call device

braven-bridgeThe traditional office drone no longer works in the same manner in which we expect him or her to – no sir, the modern day road warrior happens to be connected all the time to the Internet, where important files can be retrieved from the cloud at any time which one wishes, and the plethora of mobile devices at his or her disposal allows one to work from anywhere – as long as there is a decent connection and power in the vicinity, of course. Technology has also made meetings far less mundane, and one no longer needs to waste time traveling to a place to attend a meeting face-to-face when a simple conference call will do – video included if you want to in high definition glory. Braven sees an opportunity in this particular market, having rolled out the aptly named Braven Bridge.

The Braven Bridge comes across as a traveling conference call device that has been announced, where this stylish business-traveling companion will cater for executives who demand craftsmanship, elegance, and crystal-clear sound. It will be specially designed for the modern professional, where the Braven Bridge hooks up to devices via Bluetooth while enabling loud, clear and echo-free wireless conference calls via dual omni-directional microphones that are encased in a premium aluminum body accented by genuine leather.

The Braven Bridge ensures that multitasking on-the-go is easy thanks to the presence of 360-degree high-definition microphones that are equipped with noise cancelling technology, enabling travelers to conduct conference calls without missing a beat. It will be powered by Braven’s signature clear and powerful sound, where the Bridge paves the way for optimal communication even in loud, distracting environments such as airports, restaurants, or hotel lobbies.

The Bridge will boast of a sophisticated selection of genuine leather with individually machined and aluminum body casings for maximum personalization, and this $249.99 device also doubles up as a powerful Bluetooth speaker with up to 12 hours of playtime, not to mention functioning as a basic powerbank of sorts, too.

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