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Braven 105 is the latest waterproof and compact speaker

braven-105When it comes to portable speakers, there is one particular aspect from which you need to look out for — its durability, of course. After all, if you are going to bring it out with you, then chances are said speaker is going to run into all sorts of challenges, ranging from knocks and drops, and even at times, being dunked in water. Braven Audio knows this, which is why their latest attempt for folks who want something that is portable and yet powerful, has revealed the Braven 105.

The Braven 105 is a waterproof and compact speaker that has been inspired by active lifestyles, where it has been specially designed to be brought with you just about anywhere you are. It merges a modern round design alongside exceptional versatility, not to mention booming full body sound. In other words, the Braven 105’s audio quality is unmatched at the price point in which it is sold for.

Regardless of the activity in which you are engaged in, the Braven 105 should be able to meet it head on without missing a beat. It is more than capable of keeping up with the everyday athlete and on-the-go individual, where it boasts of an IPX7 waterproof rating, meaning the Braven 105 is capable of withstanding sweat, rain, mud, dirt and sand — as you enjoy your favorite tunes to spur you on.

Want to go cycling with the Braven 105? Not a problem. You can also use it when you run, in addition to all of the other fun adventures, thanks to a multifunctional elastic strap which will secure the speaker to any handles, backpack or sport accessory. This means it is ideal to keep the music playing while you are on the move. Being durable and lightweight, it has the ability to run for for up to 8 hours on a single charge.

Not only that, the Braven 105 would impress you further as it can be mounted to just about anything using the included Action Mount, compatible with GoPro accessories. You can choose from Black, Electric, Alpine, Periwinkle, Energy, Sunset, and Raspberry colors for a mere $49.99 apiece.

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