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Brando’s Mushroom Desk Mini Cleaner

Although Brando doesn’t make even the slightest hint that they were intending to make a Mario Bros reference with these little desk cleaners, the mushrooms still have a great deal of appeal to those loving the classic game.  If your cubicle has been looking overly dusty lately, these can suck up dust, hair, and even cigarette ashes.  They do mention that one for your car, but we all know the one time you’d really love to have a cigarette is right in the middle of your office when your boss is driving you nuts.

The Mushroom Desk Mini Cleaner comes in four colors, red, orange, green and purple.  Sadly, no mushrooms of death to make these brightly colored guys even the slightest bit sinister.  More bad news is that the green is all wrong to pretend like you only have it because you’re missing your quality time with Mario.  Each one is $12 and uses two AA batteries to keep it up and running.

Source: ChipChick