Brando USB optical mouse serves as digital scale

We have seen a lot of interesting products come out of Brando before, and they are often quite useful in certain situations. For example, there was the Bike Crash Cam, good for lawsuits involving a two-wheeled bike accidents.
This USB optical mouse also seems good for only certain situations. As you can see, there is a working scale on this mouse. It has a cover so you are not constantly weighing your fingers.
The problem that I see is that I don’t think I really need a device like this. While it is handy to have a scale on one’s desktop, I don’t really need one that can only go up to 500 grams. I wonder if there is an app for something like this.
I suppose that if you are in the business of shipping small items, this would come in handy. After all, I do a lot of business on eBay, and I have a postal scale for that. I don’t even think that I could put an envelope on this.
However, if you are in a business where weighing small things is important (and I’m not talking about drugs), this USB Optical Mouse with Pocket Digital Scale might come in handy. You should be able to get it from Brando here for a price of $22.

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