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The Braintellect 2 will make your brain rewire itself

Braintellect 2

When we wake up in the morning, we make a B-line for the bathroom to start getting ready for the day. We take a good look at our faces so we can begin the grooming process, carefully shaving, tweezing, or applying makeup to make sure everything is in order. Thanks to the mirror, we can tell that everything looks as it should, and if it doesn’t, make adjustments until we look presentable. We can’t really do the same for our brains, but how do you think your life would be if your brain could groom itself in a similar way?

There are some human brain “hacks” that you can do to force your body to do what you want, but the hardest of all is de-stressing. We’re all inherently a bit sad due to the human condition and all, but depression and stress can affect your entire body. The Braintellect 2 was designed to let your brain know what’s going on, much in the same way we look in a mirror, so it can tidy up things on its own. This is a headband that will monitor your brain waves, convert it to musical tones, and play that music to you through ear buds.

Since your brain is really good at putting two and two together, it will be able to recognize the music brainwave patterns, and start adjusting itself to be more well-balanced. This is imperative for self-optimzation, relaxation, and letting your brain get to know itself a little better. Since this is a pretty-life-changing device, the $995 price shouldn’t be too jaw-droppingly high. This is especially the case since you’re not only getting the headband, but a Windows tablet pre-loaded with the Smart Protocol software, a controller box, cable, ear buds, and charging cord. If it really works, then you could be a higher-functioning human in no time flat.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter