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Bracketron Xventure TwistX 360 range announced

bracketron-petWhen it comes to accessories to aid the road warrior, there are several names that spring to mind right from the get go. It might take a while before Bracketron registers on your brain, but this does not mean that the company rolls out sub-par products – far from it, but rather, it is most probably the marketing bit that requires tweaking. Well, they have introduced useful stuff like the Road Boost XL before in the past, and this time around, something very different is made available – the Xventure TwistX 360 range of universal rotating camera mounts that have been specially developed in order to capture outdoor experiences using your favorite camera.

This Xventure TwistX 360 line sports a 360-degree rotating base and adapters to provide compatibility with any action camera, making the likes of the TwistX 360 Buckle Adapter, Clip, Wrist, Hand, Helmet, Shoulder and Pet Mounts as gear kit essentials for travel, outdoor and sports enthusiasts.

For instance, the $14.99 TwistX 360 Helmet Mount will adhere to your helmet and works on most round and flat surfaces. The camera remains secured in place thanks to a thumb screw or top screw, which will depend on the model of the action camera. One can also set the mount to rotate 360 degrees, or to have it lock to remain in place, so that it can film angles that were previously deemed to be impossible. The Helmet Mount is lightweight enough to prevent neck strain, which means you don’t end up looking like the Hulk after using it for a long time.

As for the $24.99 TwistX 360 Wrist Mount, it offers one unique shooting angles as hands remain busy working, navigating and exploring. There is also an adjustable neoprene Velcro strap that will fit all wrist sizes and makes your camera easily accessible for quick angle changes, meaning you can barely feel the lightweight material.

The $49.99 TwistX 360 Pet Mount that you see above captures the world from your pet’s point of view, and fret not about its durability – it is made from tough ABS plastic and will remain lightweight, with the harness featuring padded material for maximum comfort. Pets up to 120 lbs. can wear the camera on either the chest or back, and there is an adjustable mount. What do you think of this collection so far?

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