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Bracketron Smuggler insulated cooler is perfect for those summer days

If you are a golf widow, remember the mantra of repaying evil for good. Your man who knows even after two decades of a solid marriage, that you absolutely loathe the game of golf and still are unable to grasp the reason why they would attempt such a feat under the sweltering sun, and still continue to play with his buddies while leaving you all alone at home, will definitely be well pleased if you decide to take a different approach in loving him. Forget about taking revenge by maxing out his credit cards – you can always pamper him with the Bracketron Smuggler, an insulated cooler that is ideal for those hot, humid summer days.
After all, who would not want to treat their parched lips with an ice cold drink? This stealthy insulated cooler will slide into your golf bag without making it look out of place or unfashionable.

As mentioned earlier, the Smuggler is an insulated soft-sided cooler which is capable of holding up to half a dozen beverage cans (beer, preferably), and was specially designed to slide discreetly into your golf bag. It even comes with a reusable gel pack which ensures that your cans will remain cold for hours, never mind if it is hot enough to cook an egg out there on the golf course. The Smuggler can be purchased for $24.95 a pop if you are interested.
According to Christian Johnson, Vice President of Marketing at Bracketron, “With the Smuggler, you’ll never go thirsty on the golf course again. Along with the Smuggler, Bracketron has created a full line of mobile device accessories for golfers including mounts that quickly secure your golf GPS or smartphone to your golf cart or bag.”
After all, since you are not allowed to bring your own camel with you on the golf course, the next best thing is to make sure your “beast of burden” – the golf bag itself, has enough space to hold more ice cold drinks that are guaranteed to lower your overall body temperature once you wrap your mouth around it and start drinking.
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