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Bracketron reveals new RoadTripper travel pack for road warriors

roadtripperIf you are someone who tends to be on the road most of the time, and are an expert when it comes to packing your electronics and accessories so that not a single device in your arsenal of gadgets will remain juiceless (this is where the power bank comes into play), then you might want to check out the RoadTripper fro Bracketron that will retail for $34.99 a pop. Why is it so special? Well, it will come with a travel case that ensures it can fit everything else that is thrown into the mix, along with a small rubberized vent mount that fits smartphones up to 3.5”.

The RoadTripper will also comprise of Bracketron’s EZCharge 2.4 amp bullet charger, where EZCharge boasts of “any way” technology that will immediately accept a USB cable, regardless of which way you insert it – which means there is no more worry about fumbling around or actually damaging the USB cable if you were to insert it the wrong way forcefully!

Not only that, Bracketron’s EZCharge line will come embedded Qualcomm technology, which will restore your battery as fast as your smartphone can handle. A single one meter lightning cable or Micro USB will also be part of the deal, making sure that all grounds are covered where charging and mounting needs are concerned. With the RoadTripper, you will be able to hit the road without a care or worry in mind, as it easily mounts and charges your handset regardless of your destination.

To get down to the nitty gritty where pricing details are concerned, the RoadTripper with lightning cable will cost $34.99, while the RoadTripper with Micro USB will be slightly cheaper at $29.99. As Christmas is approaching, you might want to keep this RoadTripper travel pack from Bracketron in mind for the road warrior in your life. It might be just the thing that he needs!

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