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Bracketron wants to jump start dead car batteries with Road Boost XL

road-boost-xlBracketron is no stranger when it comes to the likes of universal mounts as well as accessories for mobile devices. In fact, one of their latest releases happens to be the Road Boost XL. The Road Boost XL is unique in its very own special way simply because it comes across as a portable 3-in-1 emergency jump-start power bank that will work great for the average vehicle. Perhaps some foresight might send you scrambling to pick up one of these bad boys, taking into consideration how it will be handy for your upcoming summer road trips.

The relatively portable and tiny Road Boost XL will arrive with its very own jumper cables, so that you do not need to scramble around looking for a set if you happen to need to bring a dead vehicle’s battery back to life. In addition, there is enough juice within for it to double up as a flashlight as and when required, and if things get really hairy on the business end, then it can also work as a SOS signaler to make sure that you remain prepared for any emergency situation that you might find yourself in.

Adam Harmon, Marketing Manager at Bracketron, shared, “If your vehicle battery dies on the road you don’t have to wait for help anymore. You can immediately and easily take action with the Road Boost XL, jump start your car and be on your way in minutes.”

The Road Boost XL will also be able to juice up your mobile devices as you are driving around, since it comes with its very own 12V car charger as well as a home charger for when the Road Boost XL itself requires some charging. The 12,000mAh battery capacity will be accompanied by an output voltage indicator, allowing you to set the device’s output for your car (12V) or your mobile devices (5V 2.1A), not to mention making a seamless switch between the two.

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