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Bracketron EZCharge USB charger works in any way

EZChargeI am quite sure that many of us simply cannot live without USB connectivity these days – just about everything, ranging from peripherals to even chargers, would fall back on the USB port to get the job done, including portable hard drives and USB flash drives to boot. Of course, if you are rocking to Apple’s ecosystem of hardware devices, that is another story altogether, but one simply cannot make a complete disconnect from USB at all. Having said that, you know that charging up devices via USB seems to be the norm, and haven’t you wished that you could plug in the USB charger in any direction without having to figure out which side to do so? Something trivial for sure, but it does make plenty of sense if life could be a wee bit more convenient. Bracketron hears you, which is why they have announced the spanking new EZCharge USB charger.

What makes the EZCharge USB charger so special and different from the rest of the USB chargers that are in the market? Well, it will basically be able to work with USB cables regardless of the way in which they are plugged in. The EZCharge is all set to debut at next January’s edition of CES in Las Vegas, letting you plug in “upside down” or “right side up,” making life a whole lot easier for you, the end user.

In a nutshell, the EZCharge USB charger will be able to plug in securely into your vehicle’s 12V port, where it will come in either one or two USB port variants, so that the latter would allow you to charge multiple devices simultaneously, without wasting too much time at all. The EZCharge series will sport a range of charging options, including Dual 3.4A capability, where one of the ports would be ideal for your smartphone (1.0A), while the other works great for your tablet (2.4A). Should you require only a single port charger (2.4A), that would play nice with both smartphone and tablet.

Expect the EZCharge range to boast of a sleek, lightweight aluminum housing, arriving in all-black or black with silver accents. Depending on the model that you choose, it will not break the bank either, retailing for $12.99 to $24.99 a pop.

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