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Bracketron announces Well & Goode’s Gel Snap Lock

Well-Goode-Gel-Snap-LockI am quite sure that many of us have heard of the name of Bracketron before, where it is an industry leader in intelligent mounting solutions and accessories. Well, Bracketron has a role to play in the announcement of the new Well & Goode range of effortless home organization, thanks to the debut of Gel Snap Lock on crowdfunding site Kickstarter. This particular fail-safe Gel Snap Lock system is capable of offering consistent holding power right from the moment it’s attached – until Armageddon arrives, or someone releases the lock. It is like a modern day “sword in the stone” scenario, except that there are no knights and round table politics to be bothered with.

Basically, the Gel Snap Lock system’s greatest strength would be having it detach without compromising surfaces, and is also ready to be used again in any space. Pledge levels will differ, starting at $5 for one basic item or a pair of standalone Snap Locks.

Andy Chow, Vice President of Product and Business Development, shared, “People often have trouble securing and storing their kitchen, bathroom and deskside items using traditional hooks or adhesives, especially when they may have limited space. Well & Goode’s Gel Snap Lock makes organizing your home or office simple without comprising in design or durability.”

The Well & Goode range will merge low-profile design and quality construction to deliver new easy-to-use hardware for everyware. Gel Snap Lock’s superior suction technology makes sure that items will be able to cling to virtually any surface, and these include the likes of stainless steel, sealed wood, glass, tile and laminates in just about any environment. There is also a quick-detach feature that enables one to remove and reuse should you feel creative or are about to move to a new location. Some of the available pre-order items on Kickstarter include standalone Gel Snap Locks, Shelf items, Hook items and 3D-printed patterns. Looks like a far better solution from those 100 Yen shop items, yes?

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