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The BraAngel will keep your boulder holders safe in the wash


Being a lady comes with a lot of complications in the wardrobe department. What you wear as a woman says a lot about you, and you have to carefully tailor every aspect of your daily wear to cater to the image of the person you want to portray that day. The same goes for what bra you’re wearing, as some will lift and separate better than others and are usually directly linked to how confident we’re feeling that day. Well, that and how long it’s been since we’ve done laundry.

The annoying thing about keeping bras in top condition, and you want to because good quality ones are $50 a pop, is washing them. If they’re cute, you’re going to need a way to keep them safe from everything else that’s tumbling in your washing machine at high speeds. The BraAngel will keep your brassiere safe by sticking it inside of a plastic ball that will take the brunt of the action whilst tumbling about.

There are mesh bags that you can buy to keep lace and other delicate materials safe, but this is one of the better options to help it maintain its shape. Some of those things are padded and wired, and you don’t want either to be affected just by trying to wash it. This will cost you around $29, and will hopefully last just as long if not longer than your bras.

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