BPM Drum Machine Style Calculator Wristwatch

I remember back in the days when I was a wee lad at school, wearing a watch was considered to be cool – and not just any watch, you had to have either a Swatch, or a Casio calculator watch. Those that came with a built-in remote control worked as well, too. Calculator watches are the coolest in my opinion, especially when it comes to math tests. Well, fast forward to today with all my math basics intact in my noggin’, here we are with something far more sophisticated, although its main purpose is to still tell the time – the $79.99 BPM Drum Machine Style Calculator Wristwatch.
The BPM Drum Machine Style Calculator Wristwatch comes with a polycarbonate strap and Hot Rubber applications, boasting a fully functional calculator, not to mention a faux drum-machine that ensures the beats are there to keep your minutes on track, allowing you to make that special countdown until a particular moment in the day or week. Something Junior would definitely appreciate, I believe.