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This Bottle Lock makes sure the holidays don’t get too merry


The holidays are a time where we’re all supposed to set aside our differences as friends and family to come together and celebrate. Regardless of what you do to observe this time of year, there’s a warmth and cheer in the air that is absolutely contagious. The parties at the end of the month are also pretty stellar, but for those of you that have little ones coming over, you need to be wary of how easy it is to access the spirits for that extra-merrymaking in the evenings.

You can put your booze on a high shelf, but for families with minors who are old enough to understand how to use chairs to get to things they’re not supposed to touch, this won’t be enough. To make sure that no one is going to get their holiday spirits up without your say-so, you can get this 3-pack of polycarbonate Bottle Locks. It’s the sort of thing you would find in a liquor store, but will make sure your troubled cousin or alcoholic uncle can’t bust into it.

This was designed to fit just about any size bottle, and the key will work with any of the locks that come in this set. This isn’t terribly expensive at around $24, but will be cheaper than the hospital trip associated with alcohol and will let your family avoid becoming another statistic. That being said, everyone is a statistic of some sort or another, so the comparison isn’t completely fair. Either way, tis the season, so drink responsibly.

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