Botanicalls Twitter Kit Keeps Your Plant Talking In 140 Characters Or Less

Twitter is the microblogging platform taking social media by storm. Communicating in 140 characters or less might not sound like the preferred method of socializing, but aside from being totally productive for networking, it also happens to be a lot of fun. It’s in fact so fun, that non-humans are even getting into the mix.

And we’re not talking about just some spam bot. Thanks to the help of the Botanicalls Twitter Kit, your plants can even use the Twitter platform via a networked communication system for keeping you notified about its needs.


A special moisture sensor placed inside of the plant’s soil is made to detect when the foliage is lacking water. When the sensor detects that their is a lack of moisture for your plant, the Twitter Kit sends the information to the detection circuitry, which is easily built with your home solder kit. The data is then sent to the Internet using the devices onboard Ethernet connection. From there a notification can be sent to both Twitter, and wirelessly transmitted to your mobile device.

You can back-order your Botanicall Twitter Kit for $160 now and let your beloved plants get in on the action. This way, you’ll never miss another watering and your plant will never have to be malnourished. You’ve got no excuse now!

Product Page via MAKE