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Borg Cube Giant Floor-standing Paper Lantern for the hard core Star Trek fans

borg_cube_giant_paper_lanternSo you happen to already own a Star Trek Borg Cube fridge in your home, and have been looking out and hard for the longest time already for something to complement it in your home. What do you do then? Of course, if you own a factory that you can call your own, you might want to churn out some more Star Trek stuff that have been officially licensed, but since you do not have such a factory under your name, the next best course of action is to wait for someone to think of some Trekkie-inspired items and sell them. Enter the $39.99 Borg Cube Giant Floor-standing Paper Lantern, which is an 18″ cube floor lamp that sports an in-line on/off foot toggle.

Some assembly, or in Borg parlance, assimilation is required in order to put the Borg Cube Giant Floor-standing Paper Lantern in its place at the corner of your living room. Of course, if you have a pet cat living in the same house as you, then you would most probably have to choose between the cat or this, since it will end up in tatters due to the innate nature of a cat that has to scratch anything and everything.