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Borders to deliver new Kobo Wireless eReader

Love reading, but have yet to make the jump over from a paperback to a digital book reader? Well, if you frequent Borders and would love to see what the fuss about eBook readers are all about, let Kobo satisfy your curiosity with their new Kobo Wireless eReader. This model will finally come with Wi-Fi connectivity to make sure it remains up to date with the rest of its rivals in the market. Apart from the built-in wireless connection, you will also be able to select from onyx, porcelain with a metallic silver back and porcelain with a pearlized lilac back colors. A new processor also comes in handy, delivering far faster page turns to keep up with all you speed readers out there. As for its dimensions, toting it around is a snap as it is a mere 0.4 inches thin, weighing all of 7.8 grams.

The new Kobo Wireless eReader will allow you to go through over 1.5 million books that are currently available in the Borders eBook store, while you will also gain the ability to update your digital library wirelessly, straight from the eReader device, a smartphone or the Borders Desktop Application. An intuitive control pad ought to make it a snap for even hardcore luddites get started right out of the box, while a built-in library-management system makes it a snap for you to navigate and organize your library by title, date last read and author in ease and style.

Not only that, an SD memory card slot is there for storage augmentation purposes, where you will also be able to add other documents through it as well as Adobe Digital Editions or drag-and-drop. Support for EPUB and PDF documents are included, giving you the flexibility and freedom to enjoy the option of borrowing and reading free eBooks from your local library. Reading it is like reading print on paper, thanks to a specialized E Ink screen that delivers 16 grey scale levels. You will find graphics display to be sharp while text remains crisp so that your eyes won’t tire out after spending a fair amount of time with it. For $139.99, it will come pre-loaded with 100 free classics.

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