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Booq reveals Slimpack backpack for photographers

booq-slimpackBeing an avid photographer, or even a professional one, would mean one thing – you are constantly in the race to upgrade your skills, not to mention ensure that the kind of hardware which you bring around with you would be of the highest quality possible that you can afford. After all, that will definitely impress your clients and family alike, and hopefully you will be able to deliver in the final hurdle. With all that expensive equipment lying around, it makes perfect sense if you happen to have a sling bag that allows you to carry all of those without missing a beat, and the folks over at Booq have come up with their latest backpack for photographers, calling it the Slimpack.

The Slimpack happens to live up to its name thanks to a compact design that makes it perfect for photographers who are traveling with their gear and editing on the move, as it has enough space to stash a couple of DSLRs, up to four mid-sized lenses or one large zoom lens, a 12” MacBook or 10” iPad/tablet and a tripod. With an asking price of $195 a pop, you can be sure that it is a steal taking into consideration the amount of stuff in which it is able to carry.

Kema Subsomboon, Lead Product Designer at booq, shared, “Coming from an industrial design background, we know that function is equally important as the look and feel of a design. Customer feedback is a significant part of the process when we redesign a bag, and was a major element in the updates to the Slimpack. In addition to the new exterior fabric, one of the major updates is that the entry point on the back of the Slimpack unzips with the straps intact, making it quick and convenient for photographers to grab the equipment they need.”

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