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The Booo Smart Dimmer is a pebble that could replace your light switch

Booo Smart Dimmer

We all know how to turn on and off a light. When the switch is up, the light is on, and when it’s down, the light is off (unless you had a terrible electrician who made the on off and vice versa). It’s really nice to have a dimmer light for the evenings or mornings when you don’t want a light on full blast, but not all of us want to mess with installing it.

What if you didn’t have to install anything, and only had to tap something the size of a pebble to control your lights? Not only that, but you wouldn’t even have to set up another app on your phone to use it! The Booo Smart Dimmer is a colorful little policarbonate pebble with an aluminum bottom that can act as a dimmer switch for any lamp you put it near. To use, remove it from the box, place it close to the lamps of your choosing, and start controlling your lights.

Tapping the Dimmer will turn your light on or off, and rotating it will dim it one way or another. This is capable of warming the light when it dims, or giving it a bit more blue when you want the light closer to being fully on. This will be a $130 purchase that you can’t make until the 1st quarter of next year. Of course, it should be understood that you will need to own some Booo lamps for this to work with in the first place. There are adapters to make your current lamps work with this, but that will of course tack on more money to the bill.

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