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The Bondic Plastic Welder will save your material possessions from an early grave

Bondic PLastic Welder

Have you ever noticed that household items that your grandparents bought 50 years ago still seem to be in amazing shape? The phrase, “they don’t make ’em like they used to” is really quite true, because consumers nowadays are willing to pay money for something they know is cheaply made. Of course, a smaller price tag for now normally means having to buy the same thing over and over again. Just about everything is made of brittle plastic, and has a nasty habit of cracking or breaking easily.

If you want the cheaper price tag, but don’t want to throw things away as soon as they break, then the Bondic Plastic Welder might be worth having around. This uses liquid plastic that will never dry or harden unless exposed to the included blue UV light. This is by no means a glue, so you shouldn’t try to use it as one. However, you will be able to clean, fill, cure, and shape this within seconds to whatever device may need it.

This can weld the plastic covering on charging cables back together, adhere fabric to itself, and can also be used with wood and metal. For the latter of those options, you can re-size a ring that is too large. This is going to cost you around $23, but will save you from having to throw away a pair of glasses, goggles, charging cable, and much more. Seeing that it doesn’t use heat, you won’t have to worry about burning yourself, or leaving it on and starting a fire. You will need to replace the batteries and LED light every now and again, but having liquid plastic refills will be the most important, which will tack on another $13 per tube.

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