Boil Buoy makes noise when boiling

They claim a watched pot never boils and when I’m starving I swear that’s true.  Thankfully there is this handy little kitchen gadget that’ll let you get busy doing other things.   With this buoy you can prepare the rest of dinner and only mess with that water once it’s finally boiling and ready.  Don’t worry, despite the picture making it look like this is some futuristic concept, this is up for pre- sale and affordable.

I’ll fully admit I’m a kitchen gadget addict, but this chime would be very handy.  It is made of stainless steel and has a foam core to help it float.  The weighted bottom makes sure that it stays upright.  Being made for boiling it is food as well as heat safe.  Right now this is in the pre-order stage, if enough people order this will start into production.  If you head on over to Quirky you can watch a video of it in action and commit to purchase one of these.

Source: GeekAlerts