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BodyGard Self-Powered Emergency Tool

bodygardIf you’re a self-sufficient person and want a tool that does nearly everything whenever you head out to the great outdoors, the BodyGard Self-Powered Emergency Tool seems to be a suitable match. After all, you never can tell when an emergency situation might develop, making this device all the more useful to have around as it doesn’t have to rely on a power outlet to provide juice since it has an integrated hand crank for you to generate power as and when required.

The flashing red light, panic button and motion activated security alarm help to protect you from harm Рat home, while biking, camping, hiking, fishing, hunting and boating. If you get lost, the compass and signaling mirror can help you find your way or lead others to find you. There’s even a built-in storage compartment for pills, matches and other small items. The BodyGard Self-Powered Emergency Tool also has a FM radio with easy-to-read LED display with backlighting and automatic scan function. Perfect for listening to emergency broadcasts and weather during crisis situations.

You can pick up the BodyGard Self-Powered Emergency Tool for $19.99 from ThinkGeek.