Bodygard is definitely all-in-one multipurpose tool

Bodygard all-in-one multipurpose tool

Every once in a while, a multipurpose tool will come out that really is as all-in-one as advertised. Such is the case of the Bodygard.

The Bodygard Self-Powered Emergency tool was designed for all kinds of accidents, emergencies, and could be the one thing you carry with you when the world comes to an end. If Y2K had been legit, I would have wanted the Bodygard.

Powering it is as simple as using a hand crank, and the Bodygard can perform the following:

• A Bright LED Flashlight
• Red Emergency Flasher
• Digital FM Radio
• Motion Activated Security Alarm
• Cell Phone Charging Output
• AC Charging Adapter Input
• Panic Button with Piercing Sonic Alarm

All this, plus an easy-to-read compass, a signaling mirror, a handy storage compartment and an adjustable lanyard.

Even more amazing is the price. Insert the “now how much would you pay here”, because this little gadget, for all that it does, is available for just $21.99 on the ThinkGeek site. Dang!

By the way, that isn’t a typo, I know how to spell “Bodyguard”. To be completely honest, I think a movie about this device would be ten times better than that The Bodyguard film with Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner. Man, I just can’t stand that version of “And I Will Always Love You”.