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Boba Fett comes to life in this action figure

boba-fettI have always wondered what made Boba Fett so special in the Star Wars series – perhaps because he is a clone of his father, famed bounty hunter Jango Fett, and did not go through an accelerated learning and growth process, that made him deadlier than all of the other species in the Star Wars galaxy where bounty hunters are concerned. Of course, he does have the help of a plethora of gadgets as well, but it is interesting to see how some well placed blaster shots could help him get rid of lesser trained Jedi. Well, if you have nothing but admiration for Boba Fett the man himself, then you might want to adorn your living room with the $469.99 Boba Fett Episode 6 Quarter Scale Figure on a mantle.

We are talking about close to 1.5 feet of Boba Fett glory, and this is no frozen action figure. Just like the Darth Vader action figure that we saw yesterday, this particular one, too, can be set to have a near infinite number of poses, thanks to more than 30 articulated parts. Of course, you will have to design your very own Sarlacc Pit if you would want to relive some of the more historical moments in his life from the movie. This action figure will boast of a fabric cape, 7 interchangeable hand parts, and a wicked cool stand that makes him look more mean than usual.

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