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Look out, board game makers, this is the future

We’ve covered the intersection of computers and board games with the Scope augmented reality game and Dungeons and Dragons played on the Surface, and this video shows a new development.

This one uses those hexagonal tiles that you can find in games like the popular Settlers of Catan. The way it works is not with e-ink or Microsoft Surface technology, but a projector and camera mounted above the plain white hexagonal tiles themselves.

The video shows some very cool applications for strategy games. You can see a player push two tiles together, and one army advances from the pushed tile into the other tile.

What is very cool is the “pouring” feature which is what happens when a player tilts a tile upward. This causes one image to decant into the other, but it is even better in a game. For example, when an image of a boat goes into port, the player “pours” the troops off the ship and onto the dock. It is crazy how cool it is. Watch the video for more cool features.

Man, I don’t even like “bored” games, but I would definitely play them if they had tech like this. Traditional board game had better change with the times if they expect to sell their Monopoly or Risk. Then again, I’m not certain whether the computer and video gaming industry has affected these old-school games.


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  1. Fabulous. Electronic games have been around for some years. Such as chess etc. Though I gather by this article that it is moving to a new level of entertainment. Great article again Coolest Gadget.

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