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BMW To Show Off Self-Parking Car At CES 2015

bmw-i3-self-valetCan you believe it? A year has come and it is nearly gone, as we prepare ourselves to usher in 2015. You know what that means for tech followers, it would mean making the long and tiring trek to the mecca of tech, which would be CES 2015 where smartcars are bound to be there. BMW will be there, where they intend to showcase what they call the Remote Valet Parking Assistant, which is a unique system that is activated by a smartwatch, ensuring that the driver does not have to do anything while parking, as the advanced collision avoidance system gets to work.

A BMW i3 will be the star at next month’s CES, where a quartet of laser scanners will work in tandem so that it can map out the surrounding environment, while making sure that there are no obstacles around – or working its way around such obstacles if it need be. BMW claims that this specially equipped BMW i3 will be able to navigate its way to an open parking spot, where the driver can then step out to have the vehicle park – after tapping on a corresponding smartwatch app, of course.

In fact, this unique BMW i3 equipped with the Remote Valet Parking Assistant will have its brakes applied automatically in order to prevent any threat of collision should the vehicle approach a wall or a column too quickly. In fact, it will be brought to a standstill very precisely with centimeters to spare, and should you as the driver steer away from the obstacle or change direction, the system will release the brakes. This system helps relieve the burden on the driver in an environment with poor visibility, while ensuring a greater level of safety and comfort. Similar to other BMW assistance systems, this research application can be overridden at any time by the driver.

BMW says that this particular system ought to allow more precise control compared to GPS, which would be extremely impressive. Of course, it would be interesting to see how the likes of Ford and Volvo catch up with BMW in the self-parking department.

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