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BMW Inflatable Bubble Tent

BMW Camping Bubble

Could this be the way BMW drivers go camping in the future (actually have BMW drivers even heard of camping), the BMW inflatable bubble tent.

The unique item attaches to the back end of the car, allowing campers to make use of the inside of the car, and is inflated is by a low-voltage fan hooked up to the car’s cigarette lighter. All-in, the Air Camper can accommodate two people.

Credit to Winding Road & Get Outdoors.

4 thoughts on “BMW Inflatable Bubble Tent”

  1. This is one of those “I thought of it first but never did anything about it” inventions. I had thought it would be ideal for Land Rover owners (can’t see the BMW brigade camping).

  2. Aren’t you guys forgetting that, whatever the size of the car, they can utilise the heating, air conditioning, radio and sound system and lighting that the inside of a car offers!! And if you can push back the back seats you get a pretty big, solid, space. Good for using as a table or clothes storage..

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