BMW: Emergency Stop Assistant – because you can’t drive unconscious

Sometimes when I am walking down the stairs I wonder, what would happen if I fainted right now? Of course I spend a goodly percentage of my life wondering about weird stuff like that. I won’t tell you anymore about it. It’s probably not a good thing.
However, at least now I know what could happen if I had a medical emergency while I was driving my BMW. BMW’s Emergency Stop Assistant will have the ability to sense your emergency, safely take control of your vehicle, bring it to a standstill on the shoulder and even call the ambulance for you.
Utilizing cameras, radar, GPS and other modern marvels, your BMW will ascertain the conditions surrounding you, switch on the hazard lights, “look” for available exit options and maintain a lane of travel until it’s clear to slowly make a beeline for the shoulder, even over several lanes if necessary.
Normally, this total lack of control would unnerve me, but if I’m out cold, I guess its better than the alternative, for me and everyone else on the road. Then again, now every time I see a Bimmer I am going to wonder if anyone is actually driving the car. Will it never end?

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