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bēm wireless unveils Outlet Speaker

A company that has a name like bēm wireless can only mean one thing – it deals with the wonderful world of wireless connectivity. Thing is, bēm wireless’ latest release would be the Outlet Speaker, and as its name implies, functions as a highly portable and powerful Bluetooth speaker that will plug in directly into an electrical outlet, be it at home or whether you are at the office. The bēm wireless Outdoor Speaker is said to be unique, complementing the user’s lifestyle as it helps to add a simple touch of elegance to any décor. Not only that, since it is relatively small in size – which bēm wireless claims to be somewhat similar in dimensions as that of a juice box, it takes up extremely little space, and yet delivers crystal clear sound, now how about that?

Bryan Katzel, Director of Marketing and Product Development for bēm, said, “Our thought behind the outlet speaker is to enhance the consumer’s everyday life. We believe big sound doesn’t necessarily need to come from a big speaker. The beauty behind the outlet speaker is in its simplicity. Plug it in while cooking dinner without taking up any counter space, stick it in an outlet behind your desk at work to hear your favorite tunes to spark your creativity, or tuck it behind the living room couch to fill your home with great music.”

Sporting a wireless range of up to 25 feet, the Outlet Speaker allows the user to control their music directly from an iOS device, or they can opt for other Bluetooth-enabled smartphones too, if they so desire. It will be accompanied by a built-in power adapter, which means you more or less never have to worry about it ever running out of juice. Each time your ears itch for your favorite music, all you need to do is plug it in, and listen, wherever and whenever convenient to you. Heck, there is also a built-in USB port that enables you to juice up compatible mobile devices with the Outlet Speaker while you enjoy clear audio from it. bēm wireless has also decided to throw in an Aux In and Aux Out so that you have more connecting options. You can pick up the Outlet Speaker from bēm wireless in white or black shades at $99.99 a pop.


Press release: bem wireless Media Center