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Blush Compact Portable Charger keeps you in touch, and looking good

blush-compactWe live in a day and age where it can be rather difficult to leave the home in the morning without having to fully charge up the plethora of devices that we carry around with us, and the smartphone is more often than not the main object of your chargers. Well, for the ladies, you already carry more than enough items in your respective handbags, so perhaps having a compact portable charger might not be such a good idea after all, although you can always give the £39.99 Blush Compact Portable Charger a shot as it will most definitely help you to look good before that huge meeting, while ensuring that your smartphone will not run out of juice.

In other words, the Blush Compact Portable Charger happens to be the first compact mirror that charges your smartphone in the world, where the lightweight design would be able to fit in easily into a pocket or bag. Apart from that, the rather hearty 4200mAh battery would allow you to charge your average smartphone a couple of times over, and just in case you would like to know the amount of energy it has left, the LED indicator lights will do the job. The Blush Compact Portable Charger itself can be recharged through the included USB cable.