BluFit the intelligent water bottle

blufitHmmm, what do we have here? So it seems as though the world cannot make do with enough “smart” things – from smart cars to smartphones and even smart homes, here we are with what some might deem to be a “smart bottle”. The folks over at BluFit have come up with an intelligent water bottle which will work with an app that runs on your smartphone device, making sure that you get an adequate amount of water into your system so that you would be able to maintain an optimum level of hydration. Through the use of the smart bottle and app, BluFit is able to know just how much water you need, the amount that you have consumed so far, as well as alert you whenever it is time to hydrate yourself.

We tend to take water for granted by not drinking enough throughout the day. Of course, you would know by now that remaining well hydrated will be able to help with your alertness, control your appetite, while improving activity and performance, in addition to ensuring that everyday symptoms such as being fatigued, having splitting headaches and dry skin will remain at bay. Since we tend to live real busy lives these days, tasks such as remaining hydrated can slip our minds, which is why BluFit has come up with this smart bottle to eliminate the unnecessary guess work while getting the job done for you.

How does this smart water bottle work? For starters, it comes with a sensor which will automatically record the time and amount of water consumed. An integrated app will make sure that users will end up with a program customized to fit their needs, so that there can be no wild accusations thrown at this smart bottle that it does not know what it is doing. The BluFit app will go about collecting a range of data such as weight, age, temperature and humidity to determine exactly what your daily intake should be, and via the app, you can check out your current level of hydration, set and monitor personal goals and adjust your daily intake depending on your activity level and health status. It will retail for $59 a pop when it arrives next March.

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