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Bluetooth Smart Badge gets the message across

bluetooth-smart-badgeA name tag or a badge is more often than not something which is static, and cannot be changed, unless you place a sticker over it or simply to go and print a new one. Well, how about helping save the planet a wee bit with the lack of so many plastics with a smart badge that can change its message or name dynamically, based on what has been programmed? This is where the $29.99 Bluetooth Smart Badge comes in handy, where you will be able to have a static message or name, or to have it scroll on by.

Not only that, the Bluetooth Smart Badge is very versatile since it is able to hold up to 8 different messages simultaneously – and all of these messages can be programmed through your phone to make things a whole lot easier and more convenient. All of these are made possible thanks to the wonders of Bluetooth connectivity, in addition to the free downloadable app for iOS and Android. Its battery life varies, depending on which of the three brightness levels that you have selected: 50%, 75%, and 100%. You are able to choose the font, blinkiness, scroll effects, and speed in the app, and it remains attached securely to your clothing via magnetic clip or built-in safety pin.