Bluetooth Helmet provides music, distraction while snowboarding

Bluetooth Helmet

I wouldn’t call my self a fan of extreme sports. In fact, the most “extreme” activity you’ll likely find me doing is rocking out with my fake plastic guitar. So it’s not all that surprising to know that I’ve never been snowboarding or mountain biking. I do, however, know that in such activities you probably need stay focused on the task at hand. That’s why I don’t recommend this Bluetooth Sports Helmet for anyone in extreme sports.

This helmet features an integrated Bluetooth headset, which is great for hooking up to your iPod with the included transmitter. The shell is made from an injection-molded ABS and a polycarbonat with an EPS foam liner.

While listening to music may become distracting during some activities, you’re probably going to do it anyway. What’s good about this helmet is that it lacks wires which could potentially get in your way and cause further distraction. If you’re looking for a new helmet, and you simply must listen to your tunes, you can pick this one up for $300.

Source: UberReview

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