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The Bluetooth Cassette Adapter could bring new life to your car

Bluetooth Cassette Adapter for cars

While everyone seems to be up to date with the latest and greatest pieces of technology, there are still some who aren’t so lucky. When it comes to cars, you want to get one that is going to last you a very, very long time, as it’s not a purchase you want to make often. That being said, some buy older models that don’t come with what others┬álikely think of as basics, such as power windows, or the ability to play the music you actually care about.

If your car has a cassette player and you want to listen to your tunes, you’ve likely gotten a cassette that can plug into your phone. If you detest dealing with all the wires that come with that, then you could always spring for a Bluetooth option. This Radioshack Bluetooth Cassette Adapter will certainly get the job done, but it does have its pitfalls.

This has built-in rechargeable batteries, but will only last for around 8 hours. If you’re on a road trip, there is no way that is going to work out well. Also, this particular version has a price tag set at around $100. While this does save you from installing a new sound system in your car, it would be better to go with the wired option as they are far cheaper, and you wouldn’t need to worry about charging anything.

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  1. I keep hoping somebody will make one of these that are powered by the cassette drive mechanism. Wishful thinking, I suppose.

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