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Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer

They say that cooking is an art, and for those of us who happen to burn the pot while one is boiling water, it goes without saying the kitchen is a whole lot better off without you in it. The thing is, you have this passion to tinker around the kitchen much to the chagrin of everyone else living under the same roof as you, but thank goodness technology has progressed to such a stage where it is able to help out even the most clueless of chefs. Case in point, BBQs are fun, but it is an art to know whether that slab of meat, or row of sausages are well cooked right to the inside. Enter the $79.99 Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer to help you get the job done.

With the Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer, no longer do you need to hang around a hot grill in order to check on the temperature of the food being cooked constantly, leaving you time and opportunity to chat up that sweet young thing whom you have had your eyes on for the longest time already. The Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer would come across as a grilling, cooking, smoking thermometer, where it will work in tandem with an app on your iOS-powered device, or other compatible smartphones. A dual temperature probe will monitor a couple of different meats simultaneously, even up to 200 feet away, and will alert you the moment your food has reached the temperature you set on the base station.

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  1. The best thing about Blue tooth thermometers is that you can run errands & check on your smoking while you are out & about! Best invention ever.

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