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Bluesmart is the suitcase of the future

blueSmart Carry-on Suitcase

If you have to travel a lot, then you know the common pitfalls that come with constantly moving from place to place. Getting through security is always a hassle, there’s a good probability you packed too much, and worst of all, there’s a chance that you might lose your bag. Being separated from your belongings for the duration of your trip can ruin a perfectly good vacation or special event.

If you’re in the market for a new bag, then the Bluesmart looks like a carry-on worth sinking some money into. This would be a $235 purchase, but the features seem like they might be worth it. It has an integrated weight scale so you don’t over pack, a digital lock, location tracking, and best of all, a charger that will juice your phone up six times over. Not only that, but it can charge two devices at once. The app that works with it will also give you proximity alerts, let you lock and unlock the suitcase from your phone, and provide you with trip data tracking so you can see where all you’ve been going lately.

There’s a padded pocket in the front so you don’t have to worry about messing up everything in your bag just to get out your laptop. If you’ve ever used a regular sized carry-on, you know how big of a deal that is. The case is made from 3 layers of polycarbonate, anodized aluminum, and it has waterproof zippers so it can sit on a luggage cart near the plane while it’s raining and the interior won’t be affected. Dropping this much money on a carry-on seems like a lot and hopefully there will be a full-sized suitcase of this caliber in the future, but this is a good start.

Available for crowdfunding on Indigogo


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