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The BlueLounge Backpack – roll up and roll out

BlueLounge Backpack

Backpacks make our lives easier, and getting a new one is always a bit of a thrill. There is so much variety for features, colors, functions, and of course, how many secret pockets it may have. As it is with all things, the newness will wear off eventually, and it will be put to the real test of keeping up with your daily routine. This is when zippers break, seams split, and pockets get holes. If you’re currently in the market for a new backpack, you’ll want something that can hold up even when you’ve stuffed it full and have a lot of traveling to do.

The BlueLounge Backpack can hold up to a 17” laptop, a tablet the size of an iPad, has a hidden side pocket, large front pocket, and is made of 100% recycled PET plastic bottles. The top will  button, can roll down, and is buckled into place thanks to heavy-duty aluminum hardware, meaning you wouldn’t have to worry about a broken or malfunctioning zipper. It has ergonomic shoulder straps so carrying this around will hopefully be kind to your back and shoulders. That is of course completely dependent on how much you make yourself carry and for how long.

There are quick-release buckles that will make adjusting your straps a breeze, and a custom-designed carabiner that is low-profile enough to stay out of the way but will still be able to hold a water bottle. This recycled creation is available for $159.99, and you’ll have grey, black, and rust (orange-ish and brown) color options.

Available for purchase on bluelounge