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The Bluelounge Portiko extention cord makes being lazy easier

bluelounge portiko

If you work from home, it’s important to have a setup that is comfortable since you’re going to be there for hours on end. Well, somewhere in the general vicinity anyway. It’s only natural to roam a bit every once in a while to change up the scenery. Of course, if you want to move, you need to be accommodating to your available outlets since they’re not going to shift around just because you want to spice up your seating.

If you find yourself moving to a spot that’s further from a power outlet, then you’re going to need an extension cord to meet your needs. If you have a lot of these needs, then this Bluelounge Portiko is going to help you out. This is a 6 foot long extension cable that will provide you with two 100V outlets and two USB ports in case you’ve got more accessories than your laptop can handle. This was made for moving to wherever in the room you want to go, and if you do have a cozy spot you prefer, it can be mounted via the self-adhesive metal plate.

This $24.95 purchase would be a great companion for travelers who always seem to run out of outlets in hotel rooms as well! It’s available in white or blue, likely to fit with the brand’s name, and will hopefully be all you need in the way of extra outlets. Of course, there are always going to be some people that need more outlets and ports than seems reasonable.

Available for purchase on Amazon